Q: Is your micropigmentation course for beauticians only?
A: No. You don’t have to be a beautician or makeup artist before learning micro-cosmetherapy.

Q: What is the difference between micropigmentation and tattoo?
A: They are completely different in terms of concept, techniques, pigment colors, results and code of practice.

Q: How does micro-cosmetherapy change my career?
A: Areas of application of micro-cosmetherapy can basically be categorized in: micropigmentation, skin rejuvenation (skin management) and stem cell rejuvenation (hair growth management). You may offer micro-cosmetherapy services that are complementary to your scope of business that your patients really need. Welcome to the land of plenty.

Q: Are the courses accredited?
A: Yes. All micro-cosmetherapy certificates issued by us are internationally accredited.

Q: There are many permanent make up courses and programmes available in China and Korea. Are they the same as micro-cosmetherapy?
A: We specialized courses of micro-cosmetherapy techniques. Onlycertified devices,pigments and essences products provided by corresponding micro-cosmetherapy brand will be used throughout the course. All courses are also instructed by certified international master trainer. Students who completed the course and passed the examination will be listed on the Academy website as micro-cosmetherapy technician (additional terms apply) to ensure authenticity.

Q: Are the courses only available in Mandarin?
A: We provide courses in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. Occasionally, training will be conducted in bilingual.

Q: What makes your courses so special?
A: Practice makes perfect. It is very important to put yourself into your patient’s shoes, to understand what they feel. After practices on pads, students will be models of live demonstration, practice and examination under supervision of instructor at all time.

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